Bespoke Bi-Folding
Aluminium Doors

Tradeglaze Aluminium is a manufacturer of aluminium sliding and folding doors, delivering outstanding reliability, performance and design every time. Our range of bi-fold doors enables you to expand your living space by opening up wide expanses of your external walls to your outside space. Whilst at the same time keeping the weather out and the heat in during cold months.

All of our products are manufactured in a purpose built, modern, state of the art factory in Lincoln.

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As a property owner, your main concern when making improvements to your home is security. Due to the large amount of glass featured in the design of bi-fold doors, it is natural to be concerned about the level of security these types of doors offer.

However, the glass featured is tough to break and with the option of no exterior handles, outside access is limited. The structure of a bi-fold door itself is strong while the concealed innovative safety features such as multiple locks, hinges, shoot bolts and cylinders are resistant to snapping, picking, drilling and bumping.