A guide to bi fold door configurations

Bi-folding doors are a flexible solution to allow you to maximise the space on offer, while at the same time remaining highly functional. 

There are such a wide variety of design options and configurations available with a bi-fold door. So, our experienced team have put together this helpful guide explaining all the different ways you can tailor your door to your next project.

Opening options 

Choose whether your door will fold inwards or outwards, depending on which way works best for your property. Most people opt for an outwards opening option because often there is more space to work with outdoors.

In addition to this, you can also decide whether you want your doors to slide left or right or in both directions- depending on size! Allowing you to select the most practical option that works for you. We even offer low threshold options if you want to make your home mobility friendly.

Panels and Size 

Bi folding doors typically have 2 or more panels which gives you the freedom to use them in as big or little space as you like. 

We manufacture our bi fold doors bespoke to order in our state-of-the-art Lincoln based factory. Allowing us to create doors which fit into an aperture or replace entire walls of your home. 

The natural rigidity of our bifold door profile means that both double and triple glazing is available for specification. The glazing offers an essential contribution to the overall energy efficiency and soundproofing of the bifold doors.

Traffic Doors

A traffic door is a door that can open independently from the rest of your bi fold. Meaning you don’t need to slide the whole door back, for those times when you may need easy access to your garden.

Traffic doors can be situated on either side of your door or even in the middle, allowing them to fit into almost any space. 

How can I get in touch about a bi fold door?

At Lincoln Bi Folds we supply bi folding doors for your home and for trade projects. Get in touch today to find the perfect, high quality bi fold door for your next project. 

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