Are aluminium bi folds affordable?

Aluminium bi folding doors can sometimes be considered a relatively expensive home improvement choice, certainly more expensive than PVCu and probably on a par with timber at a quick look. But when you weigh up how much they cost over their lifetime, then the picture is actually very different. Aluminium is widely considered to be a far superior product to PVCu and timber alternatives and there are many benefits that aluminium bi folds can add to your Lincolnshire home. 


Aluminium is a highly sustainable option, making it an attractive investment for many modern-day Lincolnshire homeowners. In fact, 90% of aluminium used in door construction has been recycled at least once making it much less expensive than if it were brand new. In addition to this, even at the end of their ultra-long lifespan aluminium doors can be 100% recycled. Explaining why it is often referred to as the ‘green metal’ due to its environmentally friendly properties. 

Our aluminium bi-fold doors also have outstanding thermal insulation qualities. This means that you will not only reduce your carbon footprint but you will save money on energy bills, in the long term. 


Aluminium bi-folds are highly weather resistant. They will not deteriorate over time like timber or PVCu in bad weather or in areas with high levels are air pollution. The inherent durability of aluminium also means that your doors will require little maintenance day to day. There is no need for regular treatments or painting and varnishing as with timber alternatives and no risk of fading or warping as can be the case with PVCu frames. Simply wipe down your aluminium frame with a soft cloth to keep them looking good for years to come. 

Style and Durability

Our aluminium bi-folds are anodised or powder coated which helps to guarantee durability. This also gives homeowners a vast choice of colours and finishes to best complement their beautiful Lincolnshire property- we offer over 3,000 RAL colour options!


When it comes to lifespan aluminium doors are generally expected to last more than 40 years! Contrasting drastically with the 25-year lifespan that can be expected with PVCu frames. 

While the cost of aluminium frames may appear expensive at first glance when you consider the benefits including sustainability, minimum upkeep and long lifespan, the cost is actually more affordable than you might have thought!

How can I get in touch about a bi fold door?

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