Outstanding reliability, performance and design.

This type of design offers the ultimate in flexibility giving property owners the
option to open up their room completely or simply provide easy access to the
garden via one door. Often these types of doors are used to seamlessly bridge
the gap between a house and a garden.
Folding external doors boast a plethora of benefits from opening up a room to
reveal its true potential to allowing an abundance of natural light to flow into
your property.

Here are just a few of the key advantages that come with installing bi-fold doors:

  • One of the biggest advantages when installing bi-fold doors is their ability to transform a property. They are aesthetically pleasing and add a contemporary touch to your home.
  • Not only do they bring the natural beauty of the outside world in, they are also available in a range of designs and colours to complement properties of every style.
  • Our bi-folds are manufactured in aluminium making them sturdy but slim. Ensuring that the frames can withstand the elements, provide superior security and are lightweight, easy to manoeuvre. Durability and strength are guaranteed.
  • As glass is the primary element in bi-fold doors, the design creates the illusion of space making the smallest of rooms seem roomier.
  • Bi-folding doors don’t just look beautiful they are also built with maximum security in mind.
  • The compact design ensures that even when the doors are open and stacked to one side, the panels take up very little of your valuable space and won’t obstruct your view.

Pick a colour, any colour!

You can literally pick any colour from the whole RAL colour range, giving you total flexibility to match or contrast with existing frames or doors.