Bespoke doors made to your requirements.

When closed, a bi-fold door takes the form of a secure wall of glass that
can be opened fully to bring the outdoors in. Bi-fold doors are available in many
configurations as you can choose how many panels you have and how many you
have on either side. Regardless of your chosen configuration, the doors slide
along a runner and as you pull the handle, the panels will fold in and concertina
into place stacking one against the other.

Bi-fold doors fold in pairs and if you choose an uneven number of panels (known as leaves), you will be left with a panel that can be used as an independent door known as a ‘traffic door’. This provides a simple way to enter into the garden and gain access back into the house with minimum effort. If you choose bi-fold doors with an even number of panels, it is worth noting that you will not be able to take advantage of this feature.