• 5 reasons to choose integral blinds for your bifolds

    What are integral blinds?

    Whilst bi-folds are great for opening up your Lincolnshire home and letting lots of natural light in, sometimes you need privacy.

    Integrated blinds are one of the best blind options to help you get the most out of your bifold doors both practically and aesthetically. They are built directly into the door, sitting between the two glass panes and can be opened and closed manually or electronically.

    Here are the top 5 reasons why you SHOULD upgrade to integral blinds.

    1 Minimal visual impact

    Integral blinds are discreet and have a minimal visual impact on your space so you don’t have to compromise on the aesthetic of your room. If you were to opt for traditional vertical blinds they would need to be mounted on the wall above the door, impacting the visual appeal that is synonymous with your brand-new bifold doors.

    Integral blinds remove all clutter both at the side and above your door giving you the best views possible!

    2 No obstruction when opening or closing your door

    From a practical perspective, you will not have to worry about your blinds getting in the way of your door opening and closing or getting stuck in the door. Which could not only ruin your blinds but it can be frustrating too.

    With integral blinds, your door will remain fully accessible and more convenient for you.

    3 Low-maintenance, no cleaning is required

    Fabric blinds are prone to dust settling on them due to the moisture in the air but integral blinds sit between the glass panels which means they don’t require any cleaning or adjustments they will always remain dust free.

    Your blinds will be protected by the glass in your doors making them virtually maintenance-free. They will look just as good in 5 years’ time as they did the day you got them. Simply fit and forget about them!

    4 Wide range of colours options

    Add a splash of colour to your blinds with over 10 colours to choose from, there is a colour that will match almost any home! All of our blinds are made to order right here in the UK you have the ability to tailor them to your liking.

    We recommend Agate Grey, a subtle blend of light green and grey making it perfect for pairing with almost any interior design colour scheme.

    5 Blackout blinds are now available!

    When it comes to privacy sometimes only complete darkness will do. Black-out blinds are on demand so you can control how much light you let in. Perfect for children’s nurseries, cinema rooms or keeping your valuables out of sight when you aren’t home.

    Blackout blinds can be used for so many different reasons to give you the darkness you need, on demand.

    How can I get in touch about integral blinds? 

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